Sohani Sirdeshmukh

research | data analysis and communication |

program planning | project management | 

global health and education

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Here's my most recent work

Meghshala Trust

Research and Development - Grants and Partnership Lead, Since August 2020

STEM Product Development, June 2018 - August 2020

Bengaluru, India

At Meghshala, we work with teachers in under-resourced and public schools to transform the education system and create impactful and long-lasting study experience. We achieve our goal through technology.

I have developed science and health teaching material to promote scientific research and enhance scientific temper among teachers and students.

I have designed qualitative research projects and have created a multi-stakeholder impact assessment tool to inform organizational strategy.  


Here's what I have done so far

Languages and Communication Skills

Project Planning and Coordination

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Monitoring and Evaluation

Data Analysis and Visualization

Thought Leadership

Trainings and Presentations

Poster Designing and Basic Video Editing

Leadership and Lifelong Learning


About me

I am ...

  • a marathoner.

  • a globe trotter.

  • a people-connector.

  • hardwired to be better.

I love ...

  • hiking.

  • gardening.

  • ice-creams.

  • learning from & about cultures. 

I want to ...

I think about ...

  • make communities self-reliant. 

  • build strong & meaningful relationships.

  • strengthen capacities using data.

  • use technology to inform decisions.