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Coordination Tool


In 2016, Save the Children announced an ambitious three-year global campaign called "Every Last Child", which was based on decades of child rights work done by Save the Children. The campaign took a local to a global approach to policy change. The campaign sought to take a multidimensional approach and bring cross-department and cross-functional work under one turf. This was a complex task, as the different departments undertook a wide range of advocacy work. Additionally, the department realized that they missed out on a few crucial advocacy moments because of less coordination among teams.


First and foremost, the department had to ensure that each team worked towards a shared campaign goal. The task started with sharing and brainstorming meetings. While I experienced these meetings, I realized that the team needs much more than just hours of meetings. The teams required an easy-to-understand calendar-of-sorts to coordinate functions, dates, and departments for the campaign.


I first noted the various moments the humanitarian and gender advocacy team think is vital and how they can utilize those moments. Based on these notes, I made a draft calendar. The department then convened a large meeting with all the stakeholders, and using this calendar, the teams brainstormed and highlighted essential moments for both humanitarian and gender teams.


This tool was used as a reference point for advocacy moments for all the months following the meeting. It helped all the teams stay accountable, keep track of their progress, and show verifiable success indicators based on the plan. Additionally, my work was shared with global teams as a template for campaign coordination.

Below is the collaboration tool:


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