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Qualitative Research To Analyze Changes in Teaching Behaviours

I designed and supervised a case study research project to understand how teachers supported by Meghshala have changed their preparation and in-class teaching practices. My team included a research fellow and a translator.

We collected observational data through open-ended questions. The questionnaire includes boilerplate, questions to help teachers ease into the interview, and guiding questions to document specific answers from the conversation internally.

We selected a sample of teachers whom we worked with for over one year before the study. After detailed training on how to conduct and record interviews without experimenter-bias, the research fellow and translator interviewed these teachers and audio-recorded them. We later transcribed the interviews, thematically tagged responses, and analyzed them. The analysis showed us behavioral changes in teaching styles and teacher attitudes. Meghshala used this case study to assess and realign its implementation strategy.

See the questionnaire below:


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